Why Social Media Matters for Your Business or Brand:

Though the changing social media landscape can be fickle at best (ahem, the current Instagram algorithm, anyone?), there's enough evidence to support the fact that social media's not disappearing anytime soon. If it's not Snapchat, then it's Instagram Stories. If it's not Twitter, then it's the next-big-social-media-sharing-platform to hit the playing field.   

Far too often, businesses underestimate the critical role that social media plays in enhancing brand visibility. Not only are you missing out on potential collaborations and business ventures, but you're cutting yourself short by not realizing your company's true potential. Beyond scheduling content, I'm here to brainstorm social media strategies and create deliverables from start to finish. Between location scouting and planning flatlays, shooting content and delivering edits, it's my goal to offer help where it's needed. You name your problem areas, and I'll establish a strategy that works. 

A Few Key Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself:

Does your Instagram feed resonate with your brand's ethos?

Do you have a curated grid and an established aesthetic that seemingly raises the bar with each post?

Are you successfully utilizing each platform to its fullest?

Have you established social media benchmarks for your business?

How effectively are you tracking growth?

Is your #hashtag game on par?

Work With Me:

Who am I interested in working with? Perhaps you're a mom and pop ice cream (or cupcake!) shop with a loyal following IRL, but a nearly non-existent social media presence? Or maybe you're a busy lifestyle blogger in need of a virtual intern to promote content across all desired social media channels? Small art galleries, architecture firms and fashion startups — I'm here for you, too. 

Services Offered:    

  • Brainstorm captions and offer creative copywriting services.

  • Edit photos using Lightroom, VSCO (I have a VSCO X membership) and A Color Story.

  • Capture photos using an iPhone camera or DSLR (Canon EOS Rebel T6).

  • Produce stop-motion videos.

  • Lend creative direction with flatlays and product photography.

  • Shoot video using popular apps like Boomerang, Hyperlapse, KiraKira+, etc.

  • Generate content for Instagram Stories.

  • Design layouts/add artwork to photos in Photoshop and Canva.

  • Track growth + create a social media calendar.